Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ethan and a photoshoot to remember!

I have two stories to tell along with this post...

First, let me gush about Ethan. I had my third photo shoot with Ethan last weekend. I've had a little love affair with Ethan since he was only a few weeks old. This guy is such a sweetheart. He's at my favorite age. His personality is shining through. His mommy and daddy are precious also. I always look forward to sessions with this family! This was one of my favorite Ethan photo shoots.

Like I've mentioned before, I'm that girl who thinks I'm part of every family I photograph. I make myself at home with everyone, probably get a little too personal, and really...I don't know that you don't love me as much as I love you. Ha! But its all your fault! I have the greatest clients in the world. I digress..while we were out at this photo shoot I had a slightly embarrassing accident and thank God I was with the Pyle family and not a brand new client. Otherwise it would have been super embarrassing and they probably would have never called me back. I've taken pictures at this location before and its quickly becoming one of my faves. There is a creek that is great for photos. I had the bright idea to put this sweet little guy in a bucket in the creek (its not even ankle deep) but I didn't take into consideration that it had been raining heavily prior to this shoot and there were flash flood warnings the day before. The creek was higher than normal but still very shallow at the edges. To get to "the spot" we had to climb down a little embankment to the water's edge. I've walked in this little spot before and it was completely trustworthy under foot. I guess after torrential rains its not so trustworthy. As I'm stepping carefully down the creek side, the mud (which is slick as glass) gives way under my feet and I went sliding! I slide like I'm on a slide at Whitewater! Somehow I managed to keep my camera mostly out of the mud and it suffered very little damage. My rear end, clothes, shoes, feet and arms...not so much. They were casualties in the war of Erin vs serious creek side mud. I'm down one pair of shorts, but no worries. The photos are great, no one else fell (as I was leading the way), and Ethan was worth the red mud stained shorts! :)

There were so many great photos from our session! I wish I could show them all on my blog, but I can't so these are just a few of my faves....

"my sewious look"

"You see my leaves!?"

Oh precious family. Thank you God for good light like this! It makes my job easier.

Sweetest family ever!

Beautiful baby boy!

"What are yall doing to me!?"

I love these kinds of pictures. Always my faves.

See...it is possible to still be in love after kids!

They are so stinkin hot I can't stand it. J and K-I love you guys!

Mommy love.

Daddy love.

Cute little family. Big bridge.

Ethan was killing me Saturday with all this cuteness.

He can't turn off the cuteness.

OMG! Love this guy!

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