Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hannah Kate and Addison

If this sweet baby doesn't give you baby fever, nothing will...

I love sweet babies!

Future super model. This chick just poses! I love it!

Beautiful girls

You may remember Miss Hannah Kate from a previous post last year. She just welcomed her baby sister into the world and I had the pleasure of taking their pictures last week. What beautiful girls they are!! Hannah Kate has a big personality. She is a hilarious, outgoing little girl! She's so much fun to be around. I had a great time photographing them and their mommy. Hudson went with me to play with HK and they went swimming afterward. He loved "Kannah Kaaayte"! I would be perfectly happy with either of these little cuties as a daughter-in-law! ;)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Calhoun-Skelton wedding

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I had the great pleasure of being a part of Ben and Amanda's wedding day.

I love these two! They are a precious couple. Ben is hilarious and Amanda is a doll. I was so excited when Amanda contacted me to tell me that they wanted me to photograph their wedding day. She also sent me a couple of super cute pics of her and Ben. Who does that? Amanda does and I love her for it!

The wedding day went off so well which I'm sure is due to Amanda's organization skills, Ben's easy going personality and their sweet families who worked so hard. Everything was beautiful. I loved the facility. It was modern with a little rustic touch. It was perfect. The decorations were gorgeous and Amanda chose beautiful colors for the day.

I could go on, but I know you just want to see the pics and for me to hush. :) So enjoy the pics of this sweet couple. Thank you again, Skelton's, for letting us be a part of your day. Lantis and I enjoyed every minute. Congratulations!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where's Waldo

As I'm sorting through wedding photos I always get cracked up by the random where's-Erin-type pics. With two photographers running around I think its inevitable that one or both of us make it into the background of each other's pictures. This may have to turn into an after-every-wedding-post. I didn't have too many of Lantis this time. In most of mine, he's blurred running through the back ground, but there were a lot of his pictures where I make an appearance. These are fun...

I'll give you a hint in this one. Left side between two guys' heads: there you'll see my blond head and my camera peeking over the top. I really wanted to bust in that circle to get some good pics, but that would have messed up the fraternity mojo, so I settled for over the top.

Dress-fluffing is a constant job on wedding day.

Oh no. Please don't take my picture. I'm totally camera shy!

Groomsmen love me when I make them stand in the broiling sun in black tuxes. I can guess I'm probably saying, "Now. You stand right. here. just like this."

More dress/flower/veil fluffing and sweat wiping. Yes, Ben. Its HOT! I feel ya buddy.

Lantis really knows how to capture my best side.

Lantis patiently waiting on bridesmaids. He's used to waiting on chicks to finish their hair! ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Amanda Bridal

I can finally share Amanda's bridal portraits! I was thrilled when she and Ben asked me to photograph their wedding. We took her bridal portraits in April so I've had to keep them secret until today! Their wedding was this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day and a sweet ceremony. I can't wait to share the wedding pics! They are gorgeous. Amanda and Ben are the cutest couple and I'm so honored to have shared this great day in their lives with them.

Amanda, her mom and I had some fun and laughs during her bridal shoot. We got booted out of one garden, but quickly found another that would accept us. She and I were asked if we were twins...more than once. And no, to answer your question she is not my long lost sister, but I'm honored that you think so. ;)

Nick Emily and Frances

These are some precious little family members of mine. These are my cousins' kids. We met yesterday at a local park literally in between rain showers/storms. We had a small window and we made a run for it. I'm so glad we did because the rainy day light was beautiful! I couldn't ask for better light than this. This is exactly why when you book a session with me I don't sound one bit worried about the weather. Cloudy days are my friend! We had a great (quick) trip to the park and I enjoyed seeing these beautiful children.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is my best friend Rachel. We've been friends for 10+ years. We've known each other much, much longer. She says she used to think I was stuck up. I was the girl in elementary school with big bows in my hair and perfectly rolled socks underneath my spotless white Keds. Ha! Yep, that was me and I probably was a little snobby. Rachel was the prima ballerina. Literally. She was a dancer through high school at the School of Fine Arts, U of A, then UAB. She was amazing on those toes. She's probably still got the moves but I haven't seen them in awhile. ;) Somewhere along the way (in high school) our paths crossed again and haven't parted since. We've had so much fun together over the years. We've seen each other through so many things and now we've reached yet another milestone.

SHE'S GRADUATING FROM LAW SCHOOL!!! I'm so proud of this chick. I remember when she first started toying with the idea, put it off, then made the commitment. I had just found out I was pregnant with Hudson. I remember thinking what different directions our lives were headed at the time, but that didn't matter. I knew we'd still be best friends if she was moving to Africa! Now here we are...a child, and a law degree later. We've both had many sleepless nights, highs and lows, and extremely stressful days in the last three years, but for very different reasons. Mine caused by motherhood and her's from writing papers, reading, studying, and general law school hell. Ha! Through it all we've only been a phone call, email, gchat, or text message away. I'm so thankful to have a friend who is not only smart, inspiring, goal driven and hard working, but also incredibly loving, honest and loyal.

Since photos are obviously very close to my heart I twisted Rachel's arm into letting me take some graduation photos of her. I needed to mark this milestone in my way--with my camera. We went to her school, which just so happens to be beautiful, and we had a fun little post-exam fun together.

Oh did I forget to mention that she's incredibly beautiful!? Oops, my bad. Yep, she's a hottie.

Luckily the school was unlocked and we were able to sneak into a mock court room.

Judge Raquel residing.

Rach, you're too pretty to really be an attorney. You're kidding us all right?

Loved the architecture and big windows!

Rachel's boyfriend, Ryan, tagged (tagged? is that a word?) along to join in the fun. I love their smiles in this one. Oh, wait. I forgot to mention that he was handsome too? My bad.


Rachel, really? You're killing me. Gorge.

Work it, work it.

I love you Rae-Rae! Congrats!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Summers Family

I had a great session with this beautiful family last week. They were great! The girls looked natural doing everything I asked of them, their mom is absolutely beautiful and dad did a fantastic job holding the hairbrush. Seriously. He became keeper of the hairbrush and he owned it! I think I even caught Dad sneaking in a quick brush or two. He totally kept up with the brush, made us laugh the entire time and was willing to do anything for some priceless shots. The girls are gorgeous and so sweet! I think we ended up with some great shots from our session. I have so many favorites! Thanks Summers Family for a great afternoon!!