Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Katie and Joe-Birmingham AL Engagement Photography

Saturday I had the great pleasure of photographing Joe and Katie's engagement session. These two were such fun to hang out with. Their photo session is really going down as one of my favorites so far. Love, love this couple and I love their sense of adventure. I can't wait for wedding day!!!

Katie, you are gorgeous!

I love this--walking and laughing. They look so happy. Truth be told, they were probably laughing because I was making them walk in slow mo and it was awkward but hey, look what it got us!

Love. That is all. I love this.

Hello. What's not to love here?

Stud muffin! ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New pics of my nugget

Yesterday I was bored and decided that it would be fun to get out in the 100 degree heat (that feels like 2000 degrees) with a two year old and a 10 pound camera. Have I ever mentioned what a great decision maker I am? Well obviously I am because look at these photos I was able to get right before we started POURING sweat...or maybe that's just due to my quick trigger finger. Whatever the case may be I love this guy!! He's my heart and soul. Enjoy these photos of my sweet little man. You can click HERE to go to a gallery and see all of the photos from our play time yesterday.

Chromaluxe Panels

I ordered the Chromaluxe Panels for myself last week. It arrived yesterday and I'M IN LOVE!!! These things are gorge. You must have one for yourself! Click HERE for prices. They are super cheap, they come with their own easel back (if you so desire), they are very sturdy, mounted on some type of MDF board, the front is glossy. LOVE IT!!!

I also ordered the accordion mini and its precious!! I just forgot to take a picture of it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My sweet thang

Its been awhile since I've posted a photo of my little man. We went out for a photo shoot, but it didn't happen. I did get this one and only decent photo. We'll try again in a couple of weeks!

The Art of Letters

Miss Reagan's photo was featured in the Testimonials on The Art of Letters' website!!

You can go HERE to see it! I'm so excited!

Jennefer from The Art of Letters is such an incredibly sweet person. I adore her work.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wyatt turns TWO!

I have been photographing Wyatt since he was just a little guy. His mom has now become a close friend of mine and Wyatt is one of Hudson's buddies. Wyatt has such a sweet and warm personality. When Wyatt is around you just can't help but smile and want to kiss those sweet little cheeks. He's a talkative, outgoing, two year old boy with killer brown eyes that will melt any heart. I have enjoyed watching Wyatt grow over the last two years. He and his sweet family of three quickly became dear to me. Happy second birthday Wyatt!!

This almost looks mischievous...

There are the killer eyes I mentioned!

...and the sweet cheeks! mwuah!

Busy boy! Haha!

He looks so big in this picture!

Lot of love

Yall are adorable. Love you guys!

Dads are fun.

Love this Rach. Sweet Mommy.

Hmmm...what can I get into? :)

Wyatt had to scope things out while he decided if he had time for pictures or not. Ha! I had to post this pic because: Rachel-OMG you are gorge! Rawr.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Reagan

Introducing...the beautiful Reagan Lynn. Reagan's mommy and I have been friends for a very long time so when Reagan graced this earth with her presence I couldn't wait to get her in front of my camera. I took photos of Reagan before she was even aware of HERE's the proof. :)

Reagan is a beautiful baby girl who I hope to photograph often. I love you all and congrats on your precious baby girl.

Engagement Casting Call/Contest

Hi Peeps! I am looking for a very happy, lovely, and in love engaged couple. Why you ask? Because I would like to bestow the gift of photos upon this couple for my website and marketing use.

I will have a little contest via Facebook to decide the winning couple and here are the rules:

-Must be a couple engaged to be married.
-The couple cannot already be married.
-A photo of the couple should be emailed to me at erinmhollis@gmail.com by 12 noon on Monday July 12th 2010.
-When all photos have been submitted I will post them in an album on Lens Envy's Facebook page. At that time voting can begin.
-You can vote by simply commenting on a couple's photo with the word "VOTE".
-Only one vote per person, per day for the duration of the contest.
-To vote you must be a fan or "like" Lens Envy Photography on Facebook.
-The voting will end Friday July 16th 2010.

The happy couple who wins will receive a free engagement session by Lens Envy Photography with a CD of 10-15 edited photos and copyright release.

Let the games begin! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Follow me on Twitter

I finally caved to the pressure and started my Twitter account. I've had one for awhile just so that I can follow news and celebrity gossip, but I've never tweeted a thing...until now.

(I really just threw the "news" part in there so that I would sound cultured but we all know that I just want to see what Angelina and Britt are up to. Ha! Kidding. I do follow several news outlets. See for yourself.)

You can find me at www.twitter.com/erinhollis .