Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celia and Terry-Engagement-Birmingham

Celia and Terry...what an incredible couple. If ever two people were meant for each other, it was these two. And if two people were ever meant for my camera, I think it was these two. Hehehe! They are gorgeous. They are sweet. They are salt of the earth. Love them.

I always like to ask: "So, how did you meet?" They probably have the coolest story yet. I believe in God's plans and God's timing, but their story is the epitome of it. After I ask the infamous question, they proceed to tell me that they were set up on a blind date 6 years ago. They didn't feel "it" and went their separate ways. They have since lived life to the fullest, had relationships and broken hearts and somehow a little over a year ago, their paths crossed again. This time they've been inseparable. Funny how life works out huh? Now here they are...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Christmas cards 2010

Finally the long awaited Christmas card designs for 2010 are up! I will probably have more as we get closer to Christmas, but these are the fancy set. Of course all colors, fonts, and text is your choice. Most of these card designs will take up to 4 photos and some up 6. So all of those things will be decided by you and I when we are designing your card. Also, the card from 2009 are still available. You can see those HERE and HERE.

Paige-Birmingham, Alabama photography

Let me introduce you to Paige, or GORGEOUS!!!! Seriously. If I could get an ounce of that, I'd be a happy gal. What I love about Paige is that she doesn't realize how gorgeous she really is. She is full of life, happy and vibrant. There is nothing but positive energy beaming from this chick. Love her.

I've known Paige for a very long time. We saw each other recently and she mentioned a photo shoot with me. Of course I hopped on board that train. So many times we only have photos of ourselves at significant points in life--graduation, weddings, babies, etc. Its so easy to fall into that rut, but why not have pictures of yourself at any random time in life? I know that I want my family to be able to look back and say, oh I got my eyes from her, or my big teeth from her, etc. Ha!

Claire-child photography Birmingham, Alabama

Claire's mommy asked me to do a session of her in her cheer leading uniform and what do you think I said? YES!!! OF COURSE!! :) This was something new for me, but I love that. It keeps my wheels turning, and keeps things fresh. I also had the pleasure of putting together her ad for the football program.

Claire is a funny, lively, sassy little girl who I absolutely adore. I will be seeing her and the rest of her siblings later this fall and I look forward to it!

Delaney-newborn photography Birmingham, Alabama

Sweet little Miss Delaney!! How precious is she!? I'm always in love with the little ones. :) Anytime I have the itch for a baby I just schedule a newborn session. Ha! I kid...

First of all, Delaney's dad is a hoot! He kept me in stitches the entire time and I made him participate in some cheesy-ness. He was a trooper. Delaney's mom is precious and one of those clients that I really hope becomes a friend.

Her three month session is already on the calendar and I can't wait to see them again soon!