Monday, August 2, 2010

Brian and Jessica

I have kind of had writer's block for this post. Fitting that there's a composition pad photo above huh? I've sat down three times to try and write it, but had to quit and vow to return later. This photo shoot was special for me because it was a dear friend of mine from high school...and elementary school...and everything in between. Brian was my buddy! Does anyone else find it strange when friends your own age get married and or have children, but yet its perfectly ok that you've been married five years and have a two year old? Oh, that's just me? Nevermind then... :)

Brian may or may not have been my boyfriend at different times through our childhood, and I specifically remember some precious Christmas and Valentine's presents from him. He was also my Junior prom date. The pictures to which I pray our mother's burned because of my hideous dress and hair. OMG! I also remember the worst class ever--11th grade Chemistry class--in which he sat behind me. I was really failing it because there isn't a science related bone in my body, but we made it fun! (probably at the expense of our teacher, but oh well)

So my buddy, Brian, is getting hitched soon. His fiance Jessica is absolutely smoking hot, I mean, gorgeous. Did I mention she has an adorable personality to match? Yep! I totally approve!

Needless to say I was honored to take their photos. They actually won the engagement photo contest on my facebook page. No, there was no cheating involved--total coincidence that they won. Just go take a look at the 437 (or some similar outrageous number) votes that they got! We had a great time last week wandering around Birmingham, praying for no afternoon showers, and catching up.

Brian and Jessica, you two are so precious and I wish you the very best future. Laugh and have fun all the time!! I hope to see you again soon!

Don't they look happy!? :)

Brian, you make that alley look good.

Rawr Jessica! I mean really rawr!

This is one of my faves. They look awesome!


Think they adore each other much? I do!

They both get another big rawr on this one.

Yall are gorgeous. The end.


This was Jessica's idea and I loved it! :) LOVE!

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