Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Katie and Joe-Birmingham AL Engagement Photography

Saturday I had the great pleasure of photographing Joe and Katie's engagement session. These two were such fun to hang out with. Their photo session is really going down as one of my favorites so far. Love, love this couple and I love their sense of adventure. I can't wait for wedding day!!!

Katie, you are gorgeous!

I love this--walking and laughing. They look so happy. Truth be told, they were probably laughing because I was making them walk in slow mo and it was awkward but hey, look what it got us!

Love. That is all. I love this.

Hello. What's not to love here?

Stud muffin! ;)

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  1. Great photos! Congratulations! If you are soon to have your engagement photos taken and the weather turns nasty, call our wedding event venue to schedule a free session for you and your photographer. We have a century old building with plenty of charm and patina that includes exposed brick walls, high ceilings with huge wooden beams, great lighting control and large windows... and did I say LOTS of space to set up your lighting and camera equipment. Just call the office for scheduling (subject to availability of course)