Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Overload

I have officially reached my limit of photos on this blog. What does that mean? I cannot upload more photos without purchasing more storage space. I knew this day would come and I would be forced to decide: do I stay with this current blog format or switch to new? I am not purchasing more space yet because I may move my blog over to another host and re-format everything. Until I have made that decision my blogs of each session will have links to a gallery of photos instead of the photos being posted directly on here.

I love being able to share each session and the details of each sweet client, so I never want that to change. I currently have a personal blog telling about everything that happens in my day to day life and I have this one. It could mean that the two will be combined in the near future. Nothing major is changing for now--you will see a slideshow instead of individual photos, but this blog may look different in the future. If I switch to another host I will use one that allows you to add it to your blog roll, RSS feed or Google Reader.

Just a little update. :) Happy Saturday!

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