Friday, April 16, 2010

The chick behind the lens...

A couple of weeks ago Lantis and I hopped on my in-laws' golf cart and went for a little drive through the country side. They live in a gorgeous area. Its an old area on the outskirts of our little town where theres a lot of "family land". Its rare when anything goes on the market and its a coveted place to be. Most of the houses sit on several acres and there are farm animals here and there. Nature and wildlife are abundant. We love it down there and if we ever had the opportunity to live there, we would jump on it!

I had my cameras...of course, in hopes that we'd see something worth shooting. Turns out nature was restful that afternoon so I became the subject. This is a rare opportunity. Lantis is a wonderful photographer. He's working with me on some events that I have coming up and I'm stoked about it. Can't wait to show off our teamwork.

I think this where the photo battle began...I'm shooting you shooting.

pics of me?

ok you win. Since I hate attention. ;)

I look like a tiger ready to pounce! Grrr.

I turned over the big camera...

I love, love the tall grass.

I was probably looking to see if they were about to boot us out of their field. We literally hopped a fence to get these shots.

Thank you Lantis, for an impromtu photo shoot that will help me remember. Help me never forget the good and simple things: Sunday afternoons, beautiful spring weather, the beauty in nature that surrounds us, a breezy golf cart ride in comfortable silence, hopping a fence to get in that field for my crazy-must-have-standing-in-tall-grass-photos, my excitement and passion for photography, and your never ending support to follow my dreams.

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