Friday, April 2, 2010

Sweet Sisters

Oh. These. Beautiful. Girls. I had THE HARDEST time choosing which photos to post because there were so many that I loved. These girls were fabulous in front of the camera. Sometimes you encounter people that are natural in front of the camera. "Natural" sounds like a cheesy word, but I'm not sure what other word to use. The kind of people you never have to tell how to sit, where to put their hands, how to turn their heads, etc. They just know. Everything they do looks incredibly amazing and "natural". These are those kind of girls.


Beautiful again.

These two photos are perfect examples of my favorite kind--the kind that happen between poses. The kind you don't plan. You put an upset baby next to a sweet big sissy and here are the results. The sweet big sissy sweetly kisses her on the cheek and holds her hand during her photos. I love the moments in between poses. Can't you see why?

This chunky chic stole my heart.

Big sis is a camera ham. Look at this girl!!! Amazing.

Beautiful baby girl.

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