Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where's Waldo

As I'm sorting through wedding photos I always get cracked up by the random where's-Erin-type pics. With two photographers running around I think its inevitable that one or both of us make it into the background of each other's pictures. This may have to turn into an after-every-wedding-post. I didn't have too many of Lantis this time. In most of mine, he's blurred running through the back ground, but there were a lot of his pictures where I make an appearance. These are fun...

I'll give you a hint in this one. Left side between two guys' heads: there you'll see my blond head and my camera peeking over the top. I really wanted to bust in that circle to get some good pics, but that would have messed up the fraternity mojo, so I settled for over the top.

Dress-fluffing is a constant job on wedding day.

Oh no. Please don't take my picture. I'm totally camera shy!

Groomsmen love me when I make them stand in the broiling sun in black tuxes. I can guess I'm probably saying, "Now. You stand right. here. just like this."

More dress/flower/veil fluffing and sweat wiping. Yes, Ben. Its HOT! I feel ya buddy.

Lantis really knows how to capture my best side.

Lantis patiently waiting on bridesmaids. He's used to waiting on chicks to finish their hair! ;)

Happy Tuesday!

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